• Andrew is aYoutuber


    February 7, 2013 by Andrew is aYoutuber

    The names Andrew huge gamer i'll have some interesting stuff posted.

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  • Randomced859

    If you need me

    October 5, 2012 by Randomced859

    Since I'm in hiatus in Formula Cartoon, just go to my main Wiki, which is The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki, if you need me. I should've said this a long time ago.

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  • Randomced859

    Is it just me or Formula Cartoon is different before it releases its beta version?

    Here's the proof:

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  • Randomced859

    So.. I encountered a lot of players recently. Some of them are challenging to race them. If you're name is here, please make an account here, make edits, and chat with me, Nautical Samurai as your founder of this Wiki.

    Tough Cookies:

    Electric Chip Varmint

    Spectra Briana Jamboree

    Academic Dewey Banjo

    Venomous Bridgette Droid

    Devious Benton Spark

    Musical Clay Parsec

    Ancient Homer Techno

    Radical Michael Plasma

    Aquatic Mario Quake

    Brisk Tex Doodle


    Expert Andy Moppet

    These are the players are considered tough cookies. Congratulations to all these players who are fast on the races. This list will update more if I encountered more tough cookies.

    In order to become, you must beat me A LOT in a race to consider one of tough cookies.

    Comment if you want to…

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  • Randomced859

    So, if any of you are looking for me to chat or anything else. Just give me message on The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki on my message wall.

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