Shirts in Formula Cartoon do not affect the player, but are for appearance only. Both genders have unique shirts they can wear. There are no same-gender shirts in Formula Cartoon.

Male ShirtsEdit

Asian ScarfAsian Scarf0N/A
Basic ShirtBasic Shirt0N/A
Beige Scarf And CoatBeige Scarf And Coat0N/A
Beige Sweater VestBeige Sweater Vest0N/A
Black CrossBlack Cross0N/A
Black Four Arms TeeBlack Four Arms Tee0N/A
Black VestedBlack Vested0N/A
Blue CrossBlue Cross0N/A
Blue Racer TopBlue Racer Top0N/A
Blue Royal Trench CoatBlue Royal Trench Coat0N/A
Blue Sailor TopBlue Sailor Top0N/A
Blue ScarfBlue Scarf0N/A
Blue VestedBlue Vested0N/A
Bright Cocktail TopBright Cocktail Top0N/A
Brown VestedBrown Vested0N/A
Casual Blue VestCasual Blue Vest0N/A
Casual Green VestCasual Green Vest0N/A
Casual White VestCasual White Vest0N/A
Classic Waiter TopClassic Waiter Top0N/A
Classy Waiter TopClassy Waiter Top0N/A
Cyan Sailor TopCyan Sailor Top0N/A
Festive BlueFestive Blue0N/A
Festive BrownFestive Brown0N/A
Festive OrangeFestive Orange0N/A
Gold Hooded JacketGold Hooded Jacket0N/A
Gold Prince TopGold Prince Top0N/A
Gray TeeGray Tee0N/A
Green Cocktail TopGreen Cocktail Top0N/A
Green Hooded JacketGreen Hooded Jacket0N/A
Green ScarfGreen Scarf0N/A
Green Scarf And CoatGreen Scarf And Coat0N/A
Happy HappyHappy Happy0N/A
Johnny Test Logo TeeJohnny Test Logo Tee0N/A
Light Royal Trench CoatLight Royal Trench Coat0N/A
Mordecai TeeMordecai Tee0N/A
Omnitrix TeeOmnitrix Tee0N/A
Plain and SimplePlain and Simple0N/A
Purple Sailor TopPurple Sailor Top0N/A
Red Cocktail TopRed Cocktail Top0N/A
Red Four Arms TeeRed Four Arms Tee0N/A
Red Prince TopRed Prince Top0N/A
Red Scarf And CoatRed Scarf And Coat0N/A
Refreshing Witer TopRefreshing Waiter Top0N/A
Rock Star Shoulder BagRock Star Shoulder Bag0N/A
Silver Prince TopSilver Prince Top0N/A
Summer Shoulder BagSummer Shoulder Bag0N/A
White CrossWhite Cross0N/A
Black Generator Rex TeeBlack Generator Rex Tee5100
Generator Rex Logo TeeGenerator Rex Logo Tee5100
Green Generator Rex TeeGreen Generator Rex Tee5100
Green Racer TopGreen Racer Top7100
Red Racer TopRed Racer Top7100
Blue Finn TeeBlue Finn Tee9100
Red Finn TeeRed Finn Tee9100
Blue PrepBlue Prep11100
Black Heatblast TeeBlack Heatblast Tee13100
Orange Heatblast TeeOrange Heatblast Tee13100
Ski VestSki Vest15250
Johnny Test TeeJohnny Test Tee17250
White Sweater VestWhite Sweater Vest19250
Mojo Jojo TeeMojo Jojo Tee21250
Gray Sweater VestGray Sweater Vest23250
Regular Show TeeRegular Show Tee25500
Black TankBlack Tank27500
Green SuitGreen Suit29500
Sci Fi ShirtSci Fi Shirt31500
Leisure ShirtLeisure Shirt33500
Shoulder BagShoulder Bag351,000
Blue Fancy HoodieBlue Fancy Hoodie371,000
Varsity JacketVarsity Jacket391,000
Royal CoatRoyal Coat401,000

Female ShirtsEdit

Basic ShirtFBasic Shirt0N/A