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In the Kart Info there are 9 seperate stats. These stats are really helpful when wanting to know which part of the vehicle to choose,The stats are shown as followed:

Weight CapacityEdit

This specific stat is shown right below the parts equipted on your vehicle. This shows how much your kart weighs and how much weight you have left. Recently the Wieght Capacity is at a maximum of 30,000 with every single kart.This will probably change in the future

Top SpeedEdit

This tells your maximum speed in which you can see in-game. Even though speed is a key factor in racing games, dont rely on it too much. Try to also focus on acceleration.


This shows how well your vehicle can drift.This is related how far your car drifts, how long you slide as you drift, and how good your kart is in tight corners


Shows how fast your kart can achieve the top speed. This is fundemental to use in an item enabled match when you really need to go faster after being hit by an item.Like the top speed, dont focus too much on this.


Shows how well you can show your kart. This effect how well you can steer,responsiveness(if its a real word) of your vehicle, and how well your kart can maneuver.

Land BoostEdit

How much of a boost you get when using the Landing Boost trick.This may go either way depending on the track. It's not that useful in basic races.


I currently am unknown of this stat, but hypothetically this stat shows how well your car responds to things.


How stable your vehicle is to drifts and other occurances


Tells how well you are to a collision.Probably refering to show how much of the shock you absorb

Nitro rateEdit

Either shows how much N2O you can have or how much N2O it conserves

Nitro PowerEdit

How much Power your N2O has.This is extremely useful since N2o is weaker than boosts